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Engineering & Facility Studies

We conduct facility material and information flow studies. These studies include evaluating a customer’s material flow from incoming/receiving through production to shipping. Providing a “Game Plan” for companies considering a plant renovation or expansion. We address assembly, warehouse, distribution, stockroom packaging areas, plus many special applications.

Our experience, design capability, product selectivity and customer base, make us one of the leading system integrators of material flow in industry.

We have been designing and installing Material Handling Systems for over 40 years. These years of experience have given us time enough to know what obstacles to expect and how to best design and tailor projects to accomplish the latest state-of-the-art enhancements for our customers.

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Over the years we have witnessed many changes in American Industry. We have assisted numerous companies in their introduction and planning of “JUST IN TIME” (JIT) Production, Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). This has been accomplished by integrating many of their facility components in order to develop a continuous material and data flow. This philosophy incorporates factory automation of stock rooms and assembly lines in the case of manufacturing and warehouse and order selection in the case of warehouse distribution.

As computer technology developed in industry, we paralleled the information and data flow with the material flow to accomplish complete integrated systems.

Our Industry Firsts


  • 1st computerized carousel system for stockroom application
  • 1st computerized shop floor control of a transporter conveyor for assembly
  • 1st stacked or mezzanined system of carousels for a stockroom
  • 1st removable carousel bin system for assembly kitting.


  • Developed 1st pallet-less handling system for cube handling and shipping of unitized loads
  • Designed and installed 1st mezzanined conveyorized flow rack system
  • Developed and installed highest automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) in United States at 80′ height

These are all in addition to many other specialty applications, where we have successfully incorporated new technologies in order to accomplish better material flow and storage of