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Project Experience


Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY – Conco 80’H
Cooper Energy Services, Spartanburg, SC – Conco 20’H
Pfaudler Corporation, Rochester, NY – Conco 20’H
WABCO, Spartanburg, SC – (Manstacker) Interlake 12’H
Amtrak, Wilmington, DE – (Manstacker) Interlake 12’H
Boeing Aircraft, Philadelphia – (Manstacker) Ridg-U-Rak 16’H
Siemens, Spartanburg, SC – (Manstacker) Ridg-U-Rak 12’H


Pall Trinity, Ocala, FL – (1) Unit
Geo. Tenny Co., Rochester, NY – (1) Unit
IBM Corporation, Owego, NY – (22) Units w/Mezzanine
Lawyer’s Cooperative, Rochester, NY – (2) Units
Harrison Radiator Div GM, Lockport, NY – (1) Unit
Rochester Products Div GM, Rochester, NY – (2) Units w/AOP
Worthington Corporation, Buffalo, NY – (4) Units w/Computer
Hewlett Packard, Fort Collins, CO – (1) Unit
Winsmith Division, Springville, NY – (1) Unit
Mahl Brothers, Springville, NY – (1) Unit
Penn Yan Express, Penn Yan, NY – (1) Unit
Columbus McKinnon, Buffalo, NY – (1) Unit
Savin Corporation, Binghamton, NY – (2) Units
Crown Custom, Apalachin, NY – (1) Unit
NCR Corporation, Ithaca, NY – (1) Unit
Westinghouse, Buffalo, NY – (4) Units
Jack Adkins Cheverolet, Hamburg, NY – (3) Units
Western Electric, Denver, CO – (5) Units
Cooper Energy Services, Mt. Vernon, OH – (6) Units w/Mezzanine
General Electric, Syracuse, NY – (1) Unit
Hamilton Technology, Lancaster, PA – (1) Unit
MSA, Pittsburgh, PA – (1) Unit, (1) Unit Vertical
DuPont, Niagara Falls, NY – (1) Unit Vertical
Kennamental, Latroba, PA – (4) Units Mezz w/Auto
General Electric, Erie, PA – (6) Units
Pennelec, Pittsburgh, PA – (1) Unit Vertical
Westinghouse, Pittsburgh, PA – (22) Units
Supelco, Bellefonte, PA – (6) Units
Snyder General, Auburn, NY – (3) Units
Raychem, Fuquay-Varina, NC – (1) Unit
Walter Kidde Corp., Wilson, NC – (5) Units Vertical
C-Cor Electronics Corp., Tipton, PA (3) Units
Enidine, Inc., Orchard Park, NY – (3) Units
DuPont, Raleigh, NC – (2) Units Vertical
Truck-Lite, McElhattan, PA – (2) Units
Leica, Inc., Buffalo, NY – (3) Units
Dresser Industries, Painted Post, NY – (2) Units
TRW, Auburn, NY – (1) Unit
Husky, Buffalo, NY – (10) Units
Current Controls, Wellsville, NY – (3) Units
Stride Tool, Ellicottville, NY – (1) Unit
Acme Electric, Cuba, NY – (11) Units
Leica, Inc., Chicago, IL – (1) Unit
Dunkirk Radiator, Dunkirk, NY – (2) Units
Empire Air Gas, Elmira, NY – (2) Units
Leeds Business Accessories, Pittsburgh, PA – (1) Unit
Stainless Steel Brakes, Clarence, NY – (4) Units
AP Wagner, Allentown, PA – (5) Units
ACI, Buffalo, NY – (2) Units


IBM, Endicott, NY – Conco Tellus


Western Electric, Denver, CO – (7) Units w/Controls
General Electric, Syracuse, NY – (1) Unit
Honeywell, Denver, CO – (3) Units
Digital, Colorado Springs, CO – (1) Unit
Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY – (4) Units
Savin Corporation, Binghamton, NY – (1) Unit
Crown Custom, Apalachin, NY – (1) Unit
Westinghouse, Pittsburgh, PA – (8) Units
Hamilton Tech., Lancaster, PA – (1) Unit
Westinghouse, Beaver, PA – (3) Units
Litton Industries, Colorado Springs, CO – (3) Units
NCR Corporation, Ithaca, NY – (2) Units
ICL, Utica, NY – (1) Unit
Harris Corp., Rochester, NY – (1) Unit
Champion Knitwear, Norwich, NY – (1) Unit
Ingersoll-Rand, Painted Post, NY – (1) Unit
NBI, Boulder, CO – (2) Units
General Electric, Erie, PA – (2) Units w/Computer
Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY – (4) Units
Ampex, Colorado Springs, CO – (1) Unit
Champion Knitwear, Geneva, NY – (1) Unit
WABCO, Spartansburg, SC – (1) Unit
Digital Corporation, Greenville, SC – (1) Unit
NCR Corporation, Liberty, SC – (2) Units
NCR Corporation, Cambridge, OH – (1) Unit
Supelco, Bellefonte, PA – (1) Unit
C-Cor Electronics, Tipton, PA – (1) Unit
Maycor, Milan, TN – (1) Unit
Texas Instruments, Austin, TX – (2) Units


Blair Corp., Irvine, PA – Mezzanine Flow
Arcata Graphics, Buffalo, NY – Std. & Mezzanine Flow
Savin Corp., Binghamton, NY – Standard Flow
Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY – Standard Flow
NCR Corp., Ithaca, NY – Standard Flow
Aimco, Buffalo, NY – Standard Flow
Winsmith Division, Springville, NY – Spec. Heavy Duty Flow
Mahl Bros., Springville, NY – Battery Flow System
Westinghouse, Beaver, PA – Standard Flow
General Motors, Buffalo, NY – Standard Flow
Graphic Controls, Buffalo, NY – Standard Flow
Unisys, Downingtown, PA – Standard Flow
Supelco, Bellefonte, PA – Standard Flow
Raychem, Fuquay-Varina, NC – Standard Flow
Burle Industries, Lancaster, PA – Standard & Pallet Flow
C-Cor Electronics, Tipton, PA – Standard & OH Storage
Enidine, Orchard Park, NY – Standard Flow
Truck-Lite, McElhattan, PA – Standard & Pallet Flow
NCR Corp., Liberty, SC – Standard Flow
Blair Corp., Warren, PA – Standard Flow
TRW, Auburn, NY – Standard Flow
Acme Electric, Cuba, NY – Standard Flow
Russer Foods, Buffalo, NY – Cold Storage Flow
Friendship Dairies, Friendship, NY – Cold Storage Flow


Eastman Kodak, Company Rochester, NY – (2) Units
Raychem, Fuquay-Varina, NC – (1) Unit
Amtrak, Wilmington, DE – (3) Units
Fisher Textiles, Indian Trail, NC – (1) Unit
Siemens, Spartanburg, SC – (9) Units
Michelin Tire, Greenville, SC – (2) Units
Fuji Film, Greenwood, SC – (1) Unit


Husky, Buffalo, NY – (11) Units
Duhadaway, Philadelphia, PA – (1) Unit


TRW, Flowery Branch, GA – Auto Wire Container Handling
Houdaille Corporation, Buffalo, NY – Robot Handling System
Winsmith Division, Gainesville, GA – Speed Reducer Handling
Cooper Energy Services, Spartanburg, SC – Auto Input-Output Conveyor to ASRS
Cummins Engine, Jamestown, NY – Auto Flywheel Conveyor
Cooper Energy Services, Corry, PA – Auto Pallet Handling W/Vertical Lift
New Process Co (Blair), Irvine, PA – Auto Mail Order Carton Handling System
Westinghouse Electric, Pittsburgh, PA – Crate Handling System
Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, NY – Conveyorized Wave Solder PC Board Handling Sys
Crown Custom, Apalachin, NY – Overhead Conveyorized Wave Solder System
NCR Corporation, Ithaca, NY – Overhead Conveyorized Wave Solder System
Cooper Energy Services, Spartanburg, SC – Special Bar Stock Cutting Conveyor
Westinghouse Electric, Pittsburgh, PA – AGV Transfer
Aimco Scissors, Buffalo, NY – Lift & Transfer
Hamilton Technology, Lancaster, PA – Overhead Auto System
Burrough Corporation, Downingtown, PA – Assembly Line Conveyor
Burle Industries, Lancaster, PA – Shipping System Conveyor
Unisys, Downingtown, PA – PC Board Assembly
Unisys, Paoli, PA – Production Assembly
Lex Electronics, Horsham, PA – Shipping System
Raychem MFG Corp, Fuquay-Varina, NC – Assembly & Finished Goods
Snyder General, Auburn, NY – Overhead Electrified Test Area
Dresser Industries, Painted Post, NY – Automated Shipping Area
NCR Corporation, Liberty, SC – Computer Assembly
Truck-Lite Company, McElhattan, PA – Distribution Computerized
Enidine, Orchard Park, NY – Assembly Conveyor
Truck-Lite Company, McElhattan, PA – Overhead Conveyor (empty totes)
Snyder General, Auburn, NY – Assembly Conveyor
Maycor, Milan, TN – Distribution Conveyor
Ryobi Motors, Anderson, SC – Assembly Conveyor
C-COR Electronics, State College, PA – Pack Conveyor w/Stretch Wrap
Philips Electronic, Reno, NV – Interroll
Husky, Buffalo, NY – Distribution Center
Amtrak, Bear, DE – Overhead System
Dunkirk Radiator, Dunkirk, NY – Assembly Conveyor
Technology Distribution Net, Tonawanda, NY – Computer Assembly Conveyor
Dana Corp, Buffering Conveyor Columbia, SC –
ECR Corp, Assembly Utica, NY –
BOSE Corp, Blythewood, SC – Radio Assembly
Siemens, Spartanburg, SC – Production Conveyor
Superior Non-Woven, Gray Court, SC – Speciality Scissors Lift
Outrageous Outlets, Taylors, SC – Incline Belt Conveyor
Bosch Security Systems, Lancaster, PA – Assembly Conveyor


Xorbox, Buffalo, NY – Shelving Mezzanine
Aimco, Buffalo, NY – Office Mezzanine
Airco CMD, Arcade, NY – Shelving Mezzanine
Arcata Graphics, Buffalo, NY – Kingway Flow Mezzanine
Blair Corporation, Irvine, PA – Kingway Flow Mezzanine
Aronson Machine, Arcade, NY – Wildeck Mezzanine
Cooper Energy Services, Mt. Vernon, OH – Wildeck Mezzanine
Nalge, Rochester, NY – Wildeck Mezzanine
Air Force Base (Gov’t), Niagara Falls, NY – Redi-Rack Mezzanine
C-Cor Electronics, Tipton, PA – Wildeck Mezzanine
Birdair, Inc., Buffalo, NY – (3) Wildeck Mezzanines
Bendix Safety, Knoxville, TN – Porta-Fab
TRW, Auburn, NY – Wildeck Mezzanine
Enidine Corp, Orchard Park, NY – Wildeck Mezzanine
Truck-Lite Company, Wellsboro, PA – Wildeck Mezzanine


Winsmith Div (Peerless), Standard Rack Springville, NY –
Aimco, Standard Rack Jackson, TN –
Fold Pak, Drive-In Rack Newark, NY –
Pall Trinity, Drive-In Rack Ocala, FL –
Sherwood Selpac, Standard Rack Lockport, NY –
Bishop Foods, Buffalo, NY – Standard Rack
Russer Foods, Buffalo, NY – Drive-In Rack
Aimco, Standard Rack Florence, KY –
Russer Foods, Standard Rack Brooklyn, NY –
SPM (Champion), Standard Rack Liberty, SC –
WABCO, Westy Air Brake, Standard Rack Spartanburg, SC –
Wilmington Metal, Wilmington, DE – Cantilever Rack
John Bunn Company, Buffalo, NY – Standard Rack
Truck-Lite Company, McElhattan, PA – Standard Rack
Embacee, Inc., Wellsboro, PA – Standard Rack
Husky, Buffalo, NY – Standard Rack
First Quality Products, McElhattan, PA – Standard Rack
Z-Axis, Phelps, NY – Standard Rack
New England Wirecloth, Fitchburg, MA – Standard Rack
Truck-Lite, Coudersport, PA
Construction Specialties, Muncy, PA
Snyder of Berlin, Berlin, PA
Service Universal, Albany, NY
Bosch Security Systems, Lancaster, PA
Friendship Dairies, Friendship, NY
First Quality Hygienics, McElhattan, PA
Food Bank Of WNY, Buffalo, NY


NCR Corporation, Liberty, SC – Computer
Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY – Printer Assembly
DeVilbiss, Somerset, PA – Respirator Assembly
Supelco, Inc., Bellefonte, PA – Packaging Assembly
WABCO, Spartanburg, SC – Air Brake Assembly
Raychem, Fuguay-Varina, NC – Hand Assembly
Burle Industries, Lancaster, PA – Camera Assembly
Hewlett Packard, Avondale, PA – Computer Assembly
NCR Corporation, Columbia, SC – Assembly
Acme Electric, Cuba, NY – Assembly
Fujisawa, Grand Island, NY – Assembly
Truck-lite Co., Wellsboro, PA – Assembly
Blair Corp, Irvine, PA – Packaging